Carson 3D ED Binoculars – High Definition Waterproof Binoculars

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Bird watching is not expensive, but you have to equip yourself with good bird watching binoculars to enjoy the hobby. You do not have to shed thousands of dollars to get the best bird watching binoculars for you. In fact, with a little research and canvassing, you will definitely find the best binoculars for you. To help you with your bird watching binoculars reviews and shorten your research time, we recommend that you check Carson 3D ED Binoculars.

Carson 3D ED binoculars are not as expensive as the popular brands but it offers the same quality and performance but at a much lower cost. If you are interested in Carson 3D ED Binoculars read more.

What Is Carson 3D ED Binoculars?

Carson Optical is founded in 1990 by Richard Cameron. The company aims to produce products that improve the overall customer experience. This philosophy is what drives Carson to operate until today and it has inspired them to thrive and survive in the industry that is often dominated by larger marketing driven competitors.

Carson’s commitment to excellence catapulted them to be the number one manufacturer of magnifiers. It boasts about its first-rate quality products at a very affordable price. Carson Optics has received praises and honors for their ground-breaking innovation in the industry. So, if you get Carson binoculars, rest-assured that you have a great quality product.

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Carson 3D ED binoculars are a reinvention of the XM model – a Carson binocular that was well-received by binoculars users. However, it was a bit large and heavy, which makes it less appealing to those who prefer lightweight and compact binoculars. Since Carson’s goal is to improve the users’ experience, they invented 3D model with extra-low dispersion (ED) glass in its lenses that is lightweight and compact.

Carson 3D ED binoculars feature a roof prism system with HD optical coating technology and ED glass that offers you other brightest and clearest image possible. The 3D Series Carson Binoculars with ED Glass is ideal for hunting and bird watching. It has rubberized armor coating, which makes it rugged and shock proof. It is also waterproof and fogproof.

Read more to learn about Carson 3D ED binoculars design and features.

Built and Design

Waterproofing/Fogproofing – Carson 3D binoculars are nitrogen purged and O-ring sealed to secure it from water damage. It is also designed to withstand accidental splashing, rain or even full submersion in up to 1 meter of water for up to 5 minutes.

Poly carbonate chassis – Carson 3D ED uses this material to keep weight down and durability high. This material has been proven to withstand tough environments without adding extra weight.

Dielectric Coated Prisms – improves light transmission to give you the brightest and clearest image possible.

ED Glass lenses – this feature reduces color fringing and corrects chromatic aberration.

Phase Corrected Prisms – enhances resolution, contrasts and color fidelity

Ergonomic Thumb Grooves – this gives the right texturing for the binoculars

Focus Mechanism – these binoculars provide fast focus mechanism. It can go from close focus to infinite in just 1.25 revolution of the focus wheel.

Focus wheel – has a soft rubber-feeling coating that you can turn softly with a buttery smooth action. It has enough resistance with to keep it from going too far and too fast.

Eye Relief -Carson 3D ED binoculars 8×42 proves 19mm eye relief, which is enough for a vast majority of eyeglass wearers. Meanwhile, the 10×42 configuration has 16mm that is enough for most eyeglass wearers to see the full field of view without any issues. Overall, this offers extra-long eye relief.

Tripod Mountable – you can easily attach these binoculars to tripods in seconds


Optical Coatings – All Carson 3D binoculars feature fully multi-coated optics. This means that all glass surface have multiple coatings to prevent internal reflection and light loss, which results in brighter, sharper and higher contrast images.

Field of View – Carson 3D ED offers a wide field of view. In particular, 8×42 calculates to a 6.5-degree angular field of view.

Resolution – the resolution of this binoculars is excellent. It exceeds the capacity of other binoculars on the market, even those which are significantly more expensive. This is due to the combination of the ED objective lenses, quality anti-reflective coatings, phase correction coatings and a very good reflective coatings for the prisms.

Low light performance – the binoculars are an excellent performer when viewing in low light levels of twilight and pre-dawn. This is due to the reflective coating applied to the prisms, which is a type of dielectric coating with sufficient layers that transmit light.

Close Focus -both 8×42 and 10×42 have a close focus of 9.8ft (3.0m) in its specification, not the typical configurations that are preferable for bird watching binoculars. However, the actual close focus for 3D ED was only 6.0ft (1.8m), which is under 8.0ft (2.4m) the recommended close focus for bird watching binoculars.

3D Effect – as its name suggests, Carson 3D ED provides a good depth of view that provides Porro prism a good chase.


Optics Specifications

Configuration 8×42 10×42
Prism Coating Dielectric Dielectric
Field of View at 1,000 yd/m ft/m 341/114 314/105
Close Focus Distance ft/m 9.8/3.0 9.8/3.0
Exit Pupil (mm) 5.3 4.2
Relative Brightness 28.1 17.6
Eye Relief (mm) 19.5 16.0
Weight oz/g 23.0/652 23.2/658
Inter-pupillary Distance (mm) 58-72 58-72



Carson is confident with the quality and performance of their binoculars, so they offer No-Fault, No-Hassle Warranty. If your binoculars have manufacturing defects, Carson will repair or replace your item.

Warranty Procedure

  • Call or write for authorization- You have to obtain a Return Authorization (RA) before returning a product for Carson to entertain it. Calls 631-963-5000 for RA.
  • Provide proof of purchase – you can include a receipt or other proof of purchase for your warranty claim. You also need to send a check or money order for $15 to cover shipping and handling.
  • Package the return carefully – Shipments will not be reimbursed for damages due to insufficient packaging even if the merchandise is insured. Do not forget to print the RA number on the top of the package.
  • Prepay Shipping – Insure the package and send to Carson Warranty Service, 2070 5th Avenue Ronkonkoma, NY 11779. Merchandise must be sent prepaid. Carson will not accept merchandise C.O.D.


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Carson 3D ED also comes with a shoulder harness, a nice thick leather “stay” to hold the straps in place. The straps are elastic, which helps you relieve some weight strain if you use the harness with heavier instruments. It also comes with nylon neck strap.

This model of binoculars also comes with a creative case called BinoArmor, a neoprene case that unfolds to open and folds to shut. It is held closely by strong permanent magnets on both sides and in the flap that folds over the top toward the user. It also comes with an elastic strap that holds it securely to the binocular.

If the binocular is in its case on the neck strap or shoulder harness, all you need to do is flip the top flap away from you and down to access your binocular and it is ready for action.

Overall, the case is very efficient in keeping the binocular covered and protected. The package also includes user manuals and lens cloth.

Carson 3D ED Binoculars Reviews:

Carson 3D ED binoculars 8×42 is a wise choice for bird watchers. These binoculars sport a solid design and offer impressive features at a very affordable price. Customers who purchased Carson 3D ED binoculars are very satisfied and happy with their purchase. Here are some testimonials from verified purchasers.

“I am a budget-conscious beginning birder—although I have owned several cheap pairs of binocs in the past. After reading reviews, and discovering the Nikon 5s were out of stock or had significantly gone up in price (seemingly), I opted to try these. I got them for about $210. I love them! Went birding in both regular and low light—birds in flight, birds at a distance and close up. There are great youtube vids on this product, so I won’t go into more detail. Super case is included—love it! I wear cheaters and have some poorer vision in one eye–my mom wears trifocals. We both used these successfully. So clear! I can’t compare them to more expensive ones, but I can say these would work great for your average amateur,” Anicka wrote.

Hazel Hagerty is another happy Carson customer. She admitted that with her age, she already have eye problems and she is not the technical type of individual but she did not encounter these problems with Carson 3D ED. In fact, the device has made bird watching more enjoyable for her because she can see the colors of the bird and observe them as they flutter when they sing.

“These binoculars opened up a whole new hobby for me; I would suggest it for a gift to the grandparent in a family: don’t wait for an occasion, just do it now. I sound like I own stock in the company, but for me, you don’t have to buy a more expensive pair to have great fun. I repeat: I can see with these; any old pairs around the house that older folks say they’ve tried…well, no comparison. Hey, I don’t even how to turn on a cell phone, and I can use these. Shoulder strap is great back-saver and case is wonderful–very quick and safe for bins. Wow,” Hazel wrote.

Betty J. Cook has a short testimonial about Carson 3D ED but it will surely convince you how epic these bird watching binoculars are. “Great design and optics. Convenient carrying methods. Best value considering cost vs function,” she wrote.

Ratings: 4.8 / 5

Carson 3D ED 8×42 is a solid performer. It is robust but lightweight. It also offers the benefit of longer eye relief with impressive close focus. Carson 3D ED 8×42 and 10×42 are the most popular choice for the 3D series with ED lens. Thus, we recommend it to those who want a quality but not-so-expensive bird watching binoculars. Carson 3D ED 8×42 binoculars are not inferior whenever you compare it to expensive brands. Carson is very meticulous to their products and their priority is improving customer experience, so rest assured that you would have the best experience in bird watching, hunting or any other outdoor activity if you have their binoculars. Get a Carson 3D ED binoculars here.