What is the Perfect Gift for Bird Lovers?

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If you know someone who loves birds and want to surprise that person, you should look for gifts for bird lovers. Bird watching presents will surely please anyone who is fond of our feathered friends.

If you are looking for gift ideas for bird lovers, you are just on the right page. Check our gifts for bird lovers list and you will surely find one for your special someone.
1. Bird feeders – Bird lovers love to feed birds, so give them a bird feeder like any of the following:

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    Perky-Pet Copper Panorama Bird Feeder 312C. This backyard bird feeder has 2-pound seed capacity and comes with a perch design to allow birds to feed from multiple angles. With this product, expect the backyard birds to come closer to you when they feed on the bird feeder. Check out this product here.

  • Gem – Window Hummingbird feeder – this adorable mini-window mounted hummingbird feeder has 4-ounce It is enough to bring the hummingbirds in close view to enjoy their sight. This product comes in bright red color, which attracts hummers. Check out this product here.

You can check more bird feeders here. There are tons of bird feeders on the said site, so you can surely find the best bird feeder that is appropriate to your needs and wants.

2. Birding Books – anyone who loves bird is interested in learning more about the feathered creatures. That is why giving books will be helpful to them. There are tons of books about birds on the market, but we recommend the following:

  • National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 6th Edition – This book contains 300 new art figures, unique subspecies maps, extensive migration information and more about fowl. Check out this book here.
  • The Living Bird – this 200-page book is a hardbound collection of photos and essays that cover birds in different aspects. It also includes tips on how to conserve the diverse species and counteract the threats to their existence. This book is engaging and inspiring. Check out this book here.
  • National Geographic Backyard Guide to the Birds of North America – this paperback is a handy guide to help you quench your curiosity about the feathered creatures in your surroundings. It features 150 of the most interesting birds that you will likely observe at the backyard feeders. It also includes tips on how to attract your favorite birds and bird-friendly landscaped to entice nesting. Check out this book here.
  • Beginning Birdwatcher’s Book: With 48 Stickers (Dover Children’s Activity Books) – If you are giving bird gifts to a child who loves bird watching, this book would be a perfect present. It includes easy-to-read tips with fact-filled workbooks to help young birdwatchers learn more about the craft. If you want this book for your child, check it out here.
  • Birder’s Field Notebook / Journal – Bird lovers usually take notes of their observation in a journal or notebook. It helps them identify birds by sketching it, track the date or place where they saw a particular bird and add notes about their bird watching experience. A birder’s field notebook is an essential tool for bird lovers. Check out the best bird journal below:
  • Rite in the Rain -Birder’s Field Notebook (All Weather) is a great bird watching journal because it is rainproof. The paper on each page is waterproof and it fits in the pocket well. So, bird lovers can bring this anywhere they go without missing it because they can just place it in their pockets. Check this product here.

4. Birds Cards – There are many species of birds and remembering their names, locations, migratory details can be challenging. However, there is a fun and easy way to study these details when one uses the right materials. So, if you know someone who loves learning about birds, get him or her this product, Sibley Backyard Birding Flashcards: 100 Common Birds of Eastern and Western North America. These cards include 100 easy-to-reference cards that are housed in a durable pull-drawer gift box. It has 50 common birds across Western North America and 50 from Eastern North America. Each card is very informative as it includes a photo of the bird with a description, size, habitat, Latin name, regional maps, migratory patterns and more. Check this product here.

Bird Bingo
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5. Bird Bingo – this item is a book supplement that will help bird lovers learn more about birds in a fun and entertaining way. Bird Bingo has 64 species of birds around the world, including robin, puffin, kookaburra , fairywen and more. It has 64 superbly illustrated bird tokens, one board, 12 bingo cards and brightly colored counters to mark the card. It also includes a leaflet with the basic information and quirky traits of the birds featured in the game. This item is a good addition to a bird lover’s collection and materials. This works for kids and adults alike because it offers fun and learning at the same time. Bird lovers will surely love to play this. Check out this product here.

6. Owl Warmers – Bird watching is more enjoyable when you do it outdoors. Unfortunately, when the weather is cold, holding up the binoculars in the right position can be a struggle. You need not deal this with Owl Warmers. This item is a hand crocheted fingerless gloves with an owl These gloves and mittens are perfect gift ideas for bird lovers because its fingerless design allows the user to maneuver his or her bird watching binoculars conveniently. Check out this product here.

7. Wings Scarves – If you are giving a woman who loves bird watching a present, this product will be very helpful to her. It will level up her fashion and keep her warm, when she’s out watching for her feathered friends. These wings scarves are available in different prints and design, including owl wings, peacock scarf, phoenix scarf and more. Check out the different variety of wings scarves here.

8. Flamingo Tote Bag – Another great gift for her, who loves bird watching is this stylish canvas bag. This tote bag is 14 inches by 15 inches in size. It is screen printed on one side with the bird’s nape arching up to form the handles. This bag will be very helpful when she’s outdoors enjoying her favorite hobby because she can keep her valuables in this bag. Check out this product here.

9. VSSL Camping Supplies – if the person you are giving a present loves to stay outdoors whenever he or she watch birds, give him or her this camping kit. It has a 9-inch-long anodized-aluminum body that holds 14 emergency supplies including a flashlight, wire saw, reflective trail markers and marine-grade rope. The kit only weighs about a pound, which makes it very comfortable to carry outdoors. Check this product here.

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10. National Parks Annual Pass -give your special someone a grand treat by giving him or her National Parks Annual Pass. This grants one an unlimited access to America’s stunning natural areas for a year. This includes national parks, national wildlife refuges, national forests and grasslands. This experience will surely be memorable and unforgettable. Check out the pass here.

Finding gifts for bird lovers is not boring or difficult because there are tons of creative items that you can present to them. Do you agree? Do you find our birding gifts list helpful? Have you decided on what to give to your special someone who loves birds? Share your thoughts to us.